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World Leaders in Non-Corrosive
                                              Outdoor Lighting Technologies

                   WAVE LIGHTING  strives to  exceed customer expectations as the  lowest cost

            provider  of residential  and commercial  lamp posts and outdoor lighting  products with a
            special emphasis on new technologies in non-corrosive, energy efficient outdoor lighting.
            Our commitment to sustainability drives us to develop new and exciting products that meet
            today's energy consumption requirements and are built to last.

                                     INDOOR LIGHTING
                                     Wave Lighting introduces a new line of ENERGY STAR  Certified LED  indoor  fixtures.
                                     Indoor Lighting adds a contemporary look to any indoor space withought breaking the
         ENDURACAST                  bank. Wave Lighting’s goal is to create a variety of indoor fixtures that reduce carbon
                                     footprint, save money, and increase comfort in your home.

                                     Wave  Lighting’s  Enduracast  fixtures  are  constructed  of  sturdy,  high-quality  die  cast
                                     aluminum. Powder coated for maximized protection. Perfect to withstand years of
                                     condesation and pollution caused by moisture, chemicals, ultra-violet light and harsh
                                     weather conditions.

                                     EverStone™ is a proprietary compression molded, non-metallic composite material that,
                                     when formed into our designs, provides a level of beauty and non-corrosive durability that
                                     is unavailable in traditional metallic lighting fixtures.
                                     "Non-Corrosive Lights that Last."

                                     MARLEX  ®
                                     Marlex   is  a  non-metallic,  injection  molded  polymer  that  offers  long  term,  corrosion-
                                     resistant service at a very affordable price. This material is extremely UV stable and is an
                                     outstanding alternative to metallic fixtures of all types.

                                     POST TOP GLOBES & ACORNS
                                     Acrylic offers clarity and performance at an affordable price and is extremely UV resistant.
                                     Polycarbonate delivers beauty  and durability, with the  ability  to accommodate higher
                                     temperatures and wattages and is extremely impact resistant.

                                     COMMERCIAL LIGHTING FIXTURES
                                     Wave Lighting proudly offers a wide vatiety of commercial HID lighting fixtures. All of
                                     our fixtures are constructed with the industry’s finest Metal Halide or High Pressure
                                     Sodium ballasts and may be customized with a vast array of options from our Dark Sky
                                     Reflectors, glass refractors, to decorative finials. Wave Lighting’s commercial product
                                     line provides safety and security for all types of applications including parks, pedestrian
                                     walkways, and parking areas.

                                     RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL LAMP POSTS
                                     Wave Lighting is the leading supplier of residential and commercial lamp posts and
                                     accessories. Our extruded aluminum posts are available in round or fluted and for direct
                                     burial or surface mount applications. Post lengths range from 7'-14' with wall thicknesses
                                     from  0.05"-0.125".  We also offer  accessories  ranging from  traditional ladder rests,
                                     photocells, to our new NEC compliant convenience outlet with in-use rain shield.
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