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                             ENERGY STAR  was introduced by the Environmental Protection Agency in 1992 as a voluntary
                             market-based partnership to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through increased energy efficiency.
                             Wave Lighting is an ENERGY STAR  partner committed to improving the energy efficiency of products
                             for homes and businesses. All of our ENERGY STAR  qualified products meet the latest requirments
                             for efficiency. For more information about ENERGY STAR , visit Look for the
                             ENERGY STAR  icon for compliant products.

                             Wave Lighting  is a proud member of The American Lighting Association (ALA). The ALA  is a
                             trade association that represents the lighting industry, their members and customers, and works
                             to protect and advance the industry while promoting the sale and proper application of quality
                             lighting products.   It  represents  1,500 leading lighting manufacturers, retailers, manufacturers’
                             representatives and designers across North America.

                             Wave Lighting is proud to offer a wide range of lighting fixtures that meet the Buy American Act
                             (BAA) requirements. The BAA was created to stimulate the economy by specifying how government
                             agencies purchase products. Look for the "Buy American Act Compliant" icon for qualifying fixtures.

                             Sea turtles are an endangered species. Between March and October, sea turtle hatchlings are
                             confused by the artificial light from coastal dwellings and head toward pools and streets instead of
                             the safety of  the sea. Wave Lighting's turtle-friendly lighting directs light to the ground and is not
                             disruptive to the hatchling turtles.

                              Light pollution from  outdoor lighting wastes billions of  dollars and vast  quantities of  natural
                               resources. Our night sky friendly fixtures and retrofits focus light downward reducing light pollution
                               and safeguarding our wildlife in their natural environment. Wave Lighting offers night sky friendly
                              outdoor lighting fixtures and retrofits for residential and commercial lighting applications.

                                  PRODUCT DESIGNATION KEY

                      Energy Star®         Meets Buy American      GU24 Models          LED Models           Occupancy Sensor
                      Models Available     Act Requirements        Available            Available            Option Available
                      Dark Sky Friendly    Oceanside®              H.I.D. Models        Listed for Damp      Listed for Direct Rain
                      Options Available    Approved Models         Available            Locations            Wet Locations

                                           Meets Americans
                      Turtle Friendly      with Disabilities Act   Meets RoHS           UL® Listed           Listed for Wet
                      Models               Requirements            Requirements         Item                 Locations
                      Photocell Option     IP85 Rated              ETL Listed           DLC Listed
                      Available            Item                    Item                 Item                    Lamp Included

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